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"Working with a group of students with different backgrounds will help me to develop myself and share experiences."

Dursunjemal Halimova


Studying at the Department of Public Policy (DPP) at CEU means joining a diverse, multi-cultural educational environment and pursuing a US-accredited master's or doctorate degree in public policy. It means benefiting from innovative new teaching techniques delivered by a world-class faculty of resident and visiting academics and practitioners, who recognize that real-world skills are just as important as academic excellence for the public policy entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Studying at DPP means becoming a part of a new type of multi-disciplinary institution built with an understanding of the problems facing global public policy today, and with a mission to prepare the future leaders who will address them.

Studying with us means taking the opportunity to learn with and from the diverse perspectives of fellow students who have traveled from around the world to be here. It means working in small classroom environments with professors who can offer individualized attention.

Being a student at DPP means that you are interested in issues related to human rights, open societies, human security, good governance, global media and communications, and migration to name but a few. It means that your interests fall within such fields as public health, law, humanitarian assistance, anti-corruption, conflict and post-conflict recovery, natural resource management, and the environment. It means that you are pursuing a career for the public good whether that may be in the public, civil society, or private sectors.

Studying with us means living in a vibrant and exciting city in the heart of Europe which boasts a cultural heritage and standard of living ideally suited to student life.

At DPP the emphasis is firmly on applying the highest standards in theoretical understanding to real-world practice. Working with experienced practitioners in areas such as leadership, negotiations, crisis management, communications, advocacy, policy writing, and communication, to develop the skills they will need in their future careers, DPP students are given the opportunity to put everything they learn into practice through work with local, regional, and international organizations and institutions.

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