Global Corruption Observatory

The Global Corruption Observatory combines large-scale micro-level datasets in selected core government areas (government contracts, law making and public subsidies), emerging Big Data methods and established theories to support anticorruption efforts of a wide stakeholder group. It aims to be refreshing and innovative in bringing complex datasets and evidence to its audiences, many of whom lack the skills to engage with much needed but complex data-driven problems substantively. The project builds interactive analytical tools while also offering training and workshops in flexible formats to meet diverse stakeholder needs and skills. 

By making large-scale datasets easily available, offering training and novel research, the key objective of the Global Corruption Observatory is to foster a better skilled community willing and able to hold governments accountable. This community’s anticorruption efforts are improved by the Observatory offering reliable and actionable data, evidence, and skills. Our teaching activities enhance students’, civil society activists’ and policy makers’ understanding of anticorruption and improve their hard data skills for effectively pursuing good government.


The Global Corruption Observatory is supported by the Open Society University Network (OSUN) and hosted by CEU’s Department of Public Policy.


Project Partners:

CEU – Department of Public Policy 

Sciences Po – Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics

University of Los Andes – Alberto Lleras Camargo School of Government

BRAC University – BRAC Institute of Governance and Development

CEU – Democracy Institute