PhD in Political Science, Public Policy Track

The Doctoral Program in Public Policy is a specialized track in the Political Science PhD Program run by the CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International RelationsCEU is an English-language undergraduate and graduate University in Vienna and in Budapest that is accredited in the United States, Austria and Hungary.

Modern policy making, devoted to the principles of good governance, transparency, accountability, and effectiveness, needs to be based on sound academic analysis. The Doctoral Program in Public Policy is designed for scholars interested in conducting research on the cause, function, nature, and outcome of public policy. 

The program prepares graduate students for careers in both academic and applied research institutions. Core courses focus on the development of professional level research and analytical skills in the fields of European and international public policy, comparative policy analysis, and political economy.

The faculty involved in the PhD program come from a range of public-policy related disciplinary backgrounds, including international relations, politics, law, and economics. In addition to being authoritative voices in their respective fields of research, they also have first-hand policy experience, working for think-tanks (e.g. the RAND Corporation) or businesses (e.g. Vodafone), consulting with NGOs (e.g. Open Society Institute, Transparency International) or advising national or local governments, as well as international organizations (e.g. World Bank Institute).

For more information about the program and admissions, please visit the CEU Doctoral School website.

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