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CEU is committed to attracting talented students from around the world. The University offers a range of scholarship, fellowship, and loan options for students studying in the Department of Public Policy (DPP) and encourages students to seek external sources of funding. 

Granted on the basis of both academic merit and financial need, CEU scholarships and tuition awards are available for most of our programs. Please make sure to check your future program's website before you start your application. Remember to apply by the financial aid application deadline and fill out the Funding section of the Online Application Form so we can consider you for financial aid. Please make a responsible assessment of your financial situation before applying and also look for alternative sources of support, such as foundation grants, employer support or state scholarships.

Applications for admission to our master's programs by self-funding students continue to be accepted after the deadline for master's students seeking financial aid.

For Mundus MAPP candidates, no separate scholarship application is necessary; applicants who submit their applications by the relevant deadline will be automatically considered for financial aid.

Doctoral candidates applying for the Public Policy Track of the PhD in Political Science by the relevant application deadline are automatically considered for the CEU Doctoral Scholarship

Master of Public Administration, MA in Public Policy, MA in International Public Affairs

Available financial aid range from tuition awards to scholarships with stipends as well as some regional external scholarships. Learn more at this link.

Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy

 Financial Aid section of the Mundus MAPP website

PhD in Political Science, Public Policy Track

CEU Doctoral Scholarships
Covers the full cost of tuition and health insurance, and includes a monthly stipend that covers housing and living costs. 

External Funding Opportunities

To learn more about relevant external scholarships and eligibility requirements please click the following links:

AIFS Scholarships and Grants
For eligibility requirements, please refer to each scholarship listed on the AIFS website.

Armenian General Benevolent Union Scholarships
For students of Armenian descent.

Armenian International Women's Association Scholarship
For women of Armenian descent.

The Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Fund
For citizens of Hungary.

Boren Fellowships
For U.S. citizens.

DAAD Scholarships 
For citizens of Germany.

Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship
For women from developing countries.

El-Hibri Foundation Scholarship 
For graduate students committed to the field of peace education and conflict management.

Fulbright Scholarships
For U.S. citizens.

G.I. Bill Education Benefits
For U.S. veterans and their dependents.

Gordon Watson Scholarship
For students with a degree in theology from a New Zealand university.

Inlaks Scholarships
For citizens of India.

International Education Center - International Master's and Doctoral Degree Program
For citizens of Georgia.

JCCs of North America Graduate Scholarship Programs
For North American students with Jewish heritage.

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
For citizens from developing countries.

Leverhulme Grant Schemes
For eligibility requirements, please refer to each grant listed on the Leverhulme Trust website.

OFID Scholarship for International Students
For citizens of developing countries excluding OFID member countries (Algeria, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela).

Prospect Burma Scholarships Program 
For citizens of Burma.

Roma Education Fund Scholarship
For individuals of Roma descent.

Rotary International Global Grants
For individuals from countries with Rotary clubs.

Vahan Adjemian Scholarship 
For students of Armenian descent.

World Wide Studies Fund 
For citizens of Ukraine.

Young Cells Scheme 
For citizens of Kosovo.