Entry “Public Procurement Corruption” on the Elgar Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society by Irene Tello Arista and Mihály Fazekas

June 27, 2024
Portrait of Irene

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society delves into the complexities of corruption and its impact on governance. It examines why corruption remains a global issue, covering definitions, prevalence, causes, and control policies. With topics ranging from classic themes to emerging challenges, entries explore anti-corruption agencies, ethics, organized crime, sextortion, tax evasion, and more. Featuring 79 entries by 92 international scholars, this interdisciplinary reference is essential for students, scholars, policymakers, and anti-corruption bodies seeking a comprehensive understanding of corruption's influence on public policy.

The entry “Public Procurement Corruption” by Irene Tello Arista and Mihály Fazekas is part of this work. This entry explores corruption in public procurement, highlighting its definition and scope, how corruption occurs in public procurement and ways to measure it. As well as some Effective Interventions: like E-procurement, meritocratic civil service and electoral competition.

This contribution is a valuable resource for understanding and tackling corruption in public procurement.

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