Deborah Harding Scholarship

Central European University's (CEU) School of Public Policy will award one scholarship to a Roma student to enroll in its one-year MA in Public Policy program.

The MA degree curriculum is focused on the study and practice of global public policy. CEU is an English-language, U.S.  and Austria graduate university located in Vienna and accredited in both the United States and Austria.


Scholarship recipients will receive the following support for one year:

  • full tuition scholarship
  • living stipend

Eligibility Requirements

All scholarships are awarded on a merit basis. Roma students of any citizenship are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Application Procedures and Deadline

In addition to submitting the regular CEU and SPP admissions documents, you must submit an essay responding to the questions below. Your essay has to be uploaded in the online application platform as a pdf file (Qualifications / Other Supporting Documents). Answers may not exceed 250 words per question.

  1. Why do you think that you should be receiving this scholarship?
  2. Have you been involved in civil society work or activities recently? If yes, please share information on the date, profile and the name of the organization/s?
  3. Please outline what experience and knowledge you have gained in the field of public policy related to Roma issues.
  4. How do you think your studies in Public Policy will reaffirm your Roma identity and promote the interests of the Roma?