Internship Requirements

For One-year MAPP students, the minimum duration of the internship is 40 working days or 320 hours. Students enrolled in the One-year MAPP program may not commence their internship until after they submit the master’s thesis. They must complete their internship, including all required paperwork, by September 30, 2023. In exceptional cases, One-year MAPP students may request permission from the Program Director to start their internship before completing their thesis.

For students enrolled in the Mundus MAPP program, the minimum duration of the internship is 20 working days or 160 hours. It is recommended that students consider longer internships in order to gain the maximum possible benefit from the experience.
Mundus MAPP students are allowed to commence their internship upon completion of their courses. In exceptional cases, with permission from the Mundus MAPP Program Director, Mundus MAPP students may start their internship earlier in the academic year, on a part-time basis. The internship, including all required paperwork, must be completed by September 30, 2023.

Interns and host institutions should plan working hours on the assumption that interns will work up to 40 hours per week or what is considered full-time within the organization (whichever is less). This serves as a guideline; working arrangements may vary depending on the host organization. Students enrolled in the One-year MAPP and Mundus MAPP programs may choose to structure their internship (320 hours or 160 hours) on a parttime basis.

Students may pursue internships in their home country, their country of residence, or internationally.

In order to fulfill the mandatory practice component, internships must have a clear learning agenda and be clearly relevant to the practice of public policy. The host organization is expected to provide interns with a substantive, policy-relevant professional development experience. Students are required to obtain a document from their host institution that specifies their tasks and responsibilities and designates an individual at the host organization to serve as a supervisor or mentor during the entire period of the internship.
The document forms the basis of the information communicated by the student and host organization as part of the internship assignment and approval process (spelled out in detail below). The supervisor/mentor designated by the host institution is expected to provide guidance and instructions to the intern and to serve as the host organization’s contact for DPP.