Incoming Students

BA graduate students and students of master's or PhD programs of other universities are welcome to come and study at the Department of Public Policy as non-degree students. Visiting and exchange students do not earn a degree from CEU but their completed course work will be recognized in their transcripts at the end of their studies. In this way, CEU credits may be acknowledged by the students' home university and counted towards their final degree.

Visiting and exchange students enjoy the same opportunities as regular CEU students and get fully involved in the academic, professional, and social life of the Department and the university. Many universities allow students to earn credits abroad for the respective program they are enrolled in their home universities. Applicants are encouraged to inquire about semester abroad options with their home university.

Exchange students: eligibility based on a valid exchange agreement signed by the student's home university and CEU.

Visiting students: Students who are enrolled in a degree program at another university or higher education institution which does not have a valid student exchange contract with CEU, or have already earned their first degree from a recognized institution of higher education, but are currently not enrolled in any higher educational institution may apply for a visiting student status on a self-financing basis.

Applicants are invited to explore the course offerings of the Department and select some for their interest. For more information on how to apply as a non-degree student, please visit the CEU website.