How to Ease On-Screen Reading

Here are some tips on making reading on your computer screen better, during home study and as a way to looking out for the environment. 

Although we are not visually impaired, this applications can assist by having text read out loud giving the eyes some needed rest.

Text to speech conversion sites can help you turn PDFs, web pages, e-books, and even printed material into spoken word, which can be downloaded and listened to, even on the go.

Ebook reader for your PC is another option, some, like the Ice Cream Ebook Reader includes night mode for less eye strain when it’s dark, and a book mode which displays pages side-by-side on your screen.

The Vivaldi browser has a special mode called „Reader View“ which makes the website clear of any adornment, image, side columns, even advertisements, and also normalizes the styles leaving only the pure text. This is one of my favorite features.

For further options LSE has a great article on how to ease on-screen reading

Lifehacker also has practical ways to enhance your reading, suggestions for better lighting, and setting up your monitor.