EMPA Program Structure


Accelarate your career and choose your pace. Candidates can complete the Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) in two, three or four years - where only seven weeks are spent away from the office.  

Our EMPA is an executive-friendly and flexible degree program comprised of seven modules (five core modules and two specialization modules/or electives) and a capstone projectthat can be spread over a 24–48 month period.  The in-person classroom sessions of the modules account to seven non-consecutive weeks on-site and the capstone project is undertaken over 6 months, primarily remotely with ongoing support from the EMPA Director and team. 

Because working professionals can continue to work alongside undertaking the program, they will be able to deploy new skills immediately. This will make candiates more valuable as an employee, and will give them additional confidence, technical knowledge and added practical understanding in their daily job, (when applicable). 


 The Capstone Applied Policy Project can be spread over a 24–48-month period and completed remotely


Our EMPA is delivered in a part-time modular format, enabling candiates to continue living and working full-time anywhere in the world while accessing the highest quality of instruction at CEU. In between the modules, candidates can live and work full-time in their home location anywhere in the world, completing intersession activities and assignments remotely via a sophisticated online learning platform

Each module will consist of: 

  • Pre-week, online preparation in which candiates will gain theoretical basis for the courses via virtual content. This includes pre-recorded video lectures, commentaries and required readings. 
  • In-person classroom sessions that will be devoted to applying theory to specific problems through seminars, case studies, simulation and hands-on training. Core modules will be organized in longer eight-day sessions while specialized modules will be conducted in shorter five-day sessions. The in-person sessions will provide for a great networking opportunity with other candidates, faculty, and with Vienna/CEE- based governmental and international, non-governmental and civil society organizations. 
  • Post-module period, during which students live and work-full time in their home location, completing intersession activities and assignments remotely via a sophisticated online learning platform.  


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