EMPA Fellowships

The Department of Public Policy is delighted to announce that a number of prestigious fellowships have been made available to support future change makers on our EMPA program. 

The winners of the following Fellowships will be awarded significant reductions of the full CEU Executive MPA tuition of EUR €20,000.

1.  Human Rights Defender fellowships are awarded (1) to an experienced staff member of a recognized National Human Rights Institution, Ombudsperson's Office or similar body, or (2) to experienced staff members of an NGO working on human rights/democracy/rule of law or another relevant area. Awardees receive 40% off their tuition.

2. Social Justice Defender fellowships are awarded to experienced staff members of a recognized NGO working in the field of social justice. Awardees receive 40% off their tuition. 

3. Civil Service fellowship for experienced civil servants whose main employment over the past 5+ years  is with government or government organizations/public bodies. Awardees receive 20% off their tuition.

4. The Leadership fellowships are awarded to an individual who has succeeded in achieving high levels of professional recognition in a leadership role. Awardees receive 20% off their tuition.

5. "Boost" fellowships areawarded to those who have the status of Refugees or Asylum Seekers, or are from a historically underprivileged group, and have succeeded in achieving high levels of professional recognition. Awardees receive 40% off their tuition.     

To be considered for a fellowship, please include an additional letter (max. 1-page) in your application entitled "Fellowship Application",  setting out which fellowship you are applying for, and how you meet the relevant criteria. Fellowships are competitively awarded following consideration by a panel of instructors on the program. 


Fellowships may be combined with our Country discounts (*1) for Lower middle or low Income countries (40%), Middle Income (20%) and upper middle income + widening Europe (countries that joined the EU in or after 2004) 20%, up to a maximum of 60% reduction in the tuition fee. This is for candidates coming from (citizens of) or with primary employment in local organisations in these countries. If you wish to apply for this additional discount, please indicate this in your general application letter for the program.


(*1) Country clasification is according to World Bank data, available here


CEU's Department of Public Policy partners with Teach for Austria on EMPA Fellowship fpr Public-Sector or NGO Manager


DPP’s EMPA has entered into a number of partnerships with leading organizations, NGOs and professional and advocacy organizations to offer merit-based fellowships. The merit-based scholarships offer a significant tuition reduction for exceptional candidates, whose participation in the program would particularly enhance the collective learning experience.

“Teach for Austria and the DPP’s Executive Masters in Public Policy share the same vision of shaping a better future. Our DPP & TFA EMPA Fellowship opens the door to a public sector changemaker who can make a positive impact on their community,” - states Prof. Martin Kahanec, Head of the Department of Public Policy.


Teach For Austria is part of a network of partner organizations from the global network Teach For All, working together with entrepreneurs, decision-makers in politics and administration, with NGOs from the fields of education, children and youth work to provide children and youth an equal chance at a better life regardless of their socio-economic background. The Teach for Austria fellows have changed career direction to become inspiring teachers and pre-school educators who are committed to supporting children from underprivileged backgrounds. They work at kindergartens, lower secondary schools and vocational secondary schools, teaching children and young people from socially and economically disadvantaged families, a group which is at high risk of dropping out of education. After completing the two year program, the fellows go off in a range of different career directions: whether they decide to work directly in the education system, for an NGO or in politics, public administration or at different levels in the private sector, they are making a contribution to creating educational opportunities. 


The winner of the Fellowship will receive 50 percent reduction of the full CEU EMPA tuition of EUR 20.000. The fellowship will be awarded to up to 5 Teach for Austria alumni who demonstrate exceptionally high potential, who have a distinguished record of positive impact through public-sector service, innovation and/or entrepreneurial spirit, who enjoy high levels of professional esteem among their colleagues, and who are actively engaged in enriching their community.

Applicants for the Fellowship for Public-Sector or NGO Managers should have at least 5 years of professional experience, including at least 2 years of documented leadership/managerial experience, an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification and who apply for the 2022/23 intake of the CEU EMPA program via the regular application form.
Applicants should include a letter (max 1 page) with their regular application form, setting out how they consider they meet the requirements of the Fellowship.

Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis. 

Prepare to Shape a Better World.