DPP Research Seminars

The DPP Faculty & PhD seminar series is the forum for DPP faculty and doctoral students in the DSPS Public Policy track to share findings from ongoing and recently concluded research projects. Each seminar features the presentation of a single paper and discussion with the audience. The schedule of the DPP Research Seminars in Academic Year 2022-2023 will be announced soon.

To join a seminar, please send an email to the DPP Office (dppevents@ceu.edu).

A preliminary program of the DPP Research Seminars can be found below.

Winter term

January 18, 13-30-15:00

Jacopo Resti: Seeing like taxpayers: tax morale in post-revolutionary Sudan

February 22, 13-30-15:00

Szilvia Nagy: Translating The Vision of Negotiating The Role Of Culture In The European Union's Foreign Policy

March 1, 13-30-15:00

Evelyne Huebscher: Policy Misperceptions, Information, and the Demand for Redistributive Tax Reform: Experimental Evidence from Latin American Countries 

March 29, 13-30-15:00

Antonio Salvador Alcazar: 'Rule, Europa': Coloniality and the Global Souths in EU Trade Policy Discourse

Fall term

October 19, 13:30-15:00

Martin Kahanec: Living Wages Globally

November 9, 13:30-15:00

Dominik Brenner and Mihaly Fazekas: The Political Economy of Legislative Favoritism - Introducing the Global Corruption Observatory and its Large-Scale Datasets

November 30, 13:30-15:00

Lajos Bokros: China and India: Competition of Alternative Institutional Models for Economic Growth and Societal Developments

December 7, 13:30-15:00

Michael Dorsch: From the Street to the Ballot Box? The BLM Protest Movement and Voting in U.S. Federal Elections