Courses and registration

Course registration

Students are required to complete their course registration through the CEU e:Vision Portal during the registration period of each term, as indicated in the Academic Calendar, as well as in the Student Records Manual. Students are also encouraged to plan their whole year in advance and enroll in all chosen courses for the whole academic year during the first registration period. Enrolling for a course through its e-learning site (Moodle) does not substitute registration via CEU e:Vision Portal.

A course may be dropped through the e:Vision Portal free of charge until the end of the registration period. After the course registration closes, courses may be added or dropped until the third class, upon student request, by the Student Affairs Coordinator or the Student Records Office and a fee of 15 euro applies. Administrative Fail (AF) will be assigned for failure to either drop or complete the course.

For current course offer with descriptions please go to the CEU course hub.

For course syllabi please go to the E-Learning site.

DPP courses

Students can choose from a variety of approximately 50 MA courses each year, delivered by internationally recognized professors and experts in Public Policy. 

DPP course list

For MAIPA students, participating in a cross-departmental program, we offer a fixed set of track-specific courses. 

MAIPA course list

Cross-listed courses 

Besides the courses offered by the Department, students can also choose from a set of cross-listed MA courses offered by other CEU departments, available in the elective category in SITS. 

Crosslisted elective courses


Taking courses at other CEU academic units

CEU promotes interdisciplinarity and cross-unit collaboration: you are allowed to earn up to 4 credits (depending on your program) per academic year from courses offered by other academic units and from the University Wide Courses, without any formal approval required by the Department. You will find these courses in the Non-crosslisted courses category in SITS.

To learn about courses offered at other departments, please visit:

Please observe the credit requirements of your program and the list of specializations when registering for courses.

Program-based credit requirements


List of specializations


Course registration dates in SITS:


Registration Begins 

Registration Ends 


September 11, 2023 

September 25, 2023 


December 11, 2023 

January 15, 2024 


March 25, 2024 

April 8, 2024