Course Requirements & Options


Students are required to register for courses online (SITS). Class sizes are limited. Registration for elective courses is on a first-come first-served basis. The School reserves the right to grant enrolment priority to certain students for some courses (such as courses on their thesis topic etc.).

Students are strongly discouraged from oversubscribing for courses and especially from registering for courses that they do not intend to follow. Students are automatically registered for all mandatory courses. Students must select their mandatory elective and elective courses in line with the program credit requirements.

Course registration takes place between September 13-27.  During this time students will be required to register for all courses throughout the academic year—including their Winter and Spring term registration.

Once the registration closes, changes will no longer be possible for the relevant academic term. The registration will open again for the Winter and Spring terms when students will be able to update their registration.

CEU Student Records Manual