European Parliament report builds on DPP associate professor Mihály Fazekas’ research

March 3, 2023

The European Parliament’s "Stepping up the EU's efforts to tackle corruption – Cost of Non-Europe Report" report investigates the cost of corruption across the European Union. Based on a comprehensive analysis it makes recommendations to the Parliament on how to better control corruption and what range of savings could be achieved due to higher integrity. One of the three key policy areas of the report is public procurement where the analysis is based on dr. Fazekas’ dataset publicly available at the website. In addition, the report’s methodology for estimating the cost of corruption is built on his IMF working paper co-authored with CEU alumnus Aly Abdou among others. Similarly, the European Commission’s recent impact assessment of legislative proposals for strengthening the European Union’s framework against corruption builds on dr. Fazekas’ cost of corruption research. Dr Fazekas and other DPP researchers such as Dominik Brenner are at the forefront of unpacking intractable and hard to measure problems with the help of data science and Big Data.

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