PhD candidates Antonio Salvador M. Alcazar III and Szilvia Nagy (Public Policy track) co-author editorial

January 31, 2023

PhD candidates Antonio Salvador M. Alcazar III and Szilvia Nagy (Public Policy track) have co-authored the editorial "Decolonizing Rather than Decentring ‘Europe’" in the European Foreign Affairs Review  with Jan Orbie, Anissa Bougrea, Alvaro Oleart, Jonalyn C. Paz, Rahel W. Sebhatu, Tiffany G. Williams, and Izabella Wódzka.

According to the editorial, while the decentring agenda seems to entail a practical dimension that can be credited for enhancing the applicability and comprehensibility for students and stakeholders, there is a risk of falling into methodic, 'ticking the box’ exercises that obfuscate the complexities that are inherent to postcolonial developments and continuing colonialities. It also carries the risk that the latter becomes depoliticized. Instead, decolonial agendas aim to politicize ‘local space’: they are more explicitly normative from the outset, but the decentring agenda is no less normative in spite of its veil of ‘objectivity’ and ‘neutrality’. The authors argue that our decolonial standpoint requires acknowledging the historical epistemological injustices, prioritize the voices and narratives about ‘Europe’ of those communities that have been historically subjugated, and positioning ourselves politically while also unveiling how research agendas that are framed as ‘objective’ are using this legitimacy to flatten decolonial approaches.