DPP Professor Kahanec speaks at the European Employment & Social Rights Forum 2022

November 18, 2022

DPP Professor and Head Martin Kahanec spoke in the panel on "Young people in the post COVID-19 labour market: scarring effects, learning losses and emerging opportunities (ESDE 22)" at the European Employment & Social Rights Forum 2022 in Brussels on November 17, 2022. The high-level event featured EC President Ursula von der Leyen, Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, former EC PResident Jean-Claude Juncker, and several MEPs, ministers, academics, and practitioners.

"The Covid-19 pandemic and the other recent crises, including the economic slowdown, growing uncertainties, the energy crisis, and higher price of capital and credit constraints hurt young people. Yet, young people are some of the most flexible, mobile, innovative and entrepreneurial workers. Hence they are essential for turning crises into opportunities and for societies to adapt and prosper. But the hurdles and challenges may be too steep for some of them. Hence they must be supported with decent and empowering social protection and welfare," Kahanec argued.

Event program: https://www.eusocialforum.eu/eu/programme