DPP professor Kahanec presents on education at CEPR Workshop for the Reconstruction of Ukraine

September 15, 2022

DPP professor and head Martin Kahanec presented at the CEPR Workshop for the Reconstruction of Ukraine Report on September 15-16, 2022. His contribution tackled the questions of reforming Ukrainian education and the role of education in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.

The joint study by Martin Kahanec, Snizhana Leu-Severynenko, Anna Novosad,  and Yegor Stadnyi stressed that although crises are an opportunity for structural upgrading and reconstructing better, resources are generally limited and uncertainty is high. Such upgrading and reconstruction require mobilization and efficient and effective use of available resources as well as systematic coordination of reconstruction efforts. 

The role of education in enabling and empowering the nation to address the challenge of post-conflict reconstruction and resilience should be a central point of any reconstruction plan. "The full inclusion and participation of disadvantaged groups in education are crucial for avoiding the emergence of cleavages and tensions in the society;  it is of key importance for ensuring the commitment of the whole citizenry of the country to post-war state- and peace-building efforts," remarked Kahanec. 


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