DPP Postdoctoral Fellow Dominik Brenner introduces the Global Corruption Observatory at the European Parliament

June 23, 2022

DPP Postdoctoral Fellow Dominik Brenner introduced the OSUN-funded Global Corruption Observatory at the “Parliamentary Data for a Better Democracy” conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, June 15. The conference was organized by the OPTED network and provided a forum of exchange between researchers, international organizations, data journalists, as well as representatives from the German, Austrian and Scottish parliament.  

The Global Corruption Observatory led by Mihály Fazekas, DPP Associate Professor, provides reliable and actionable data to enhance our understanding of anticorruption and improve the pursuit of good government. Among others, the Observatory collects detailed legislative data around the world, probes the effect of legislative favouritism on company performance and builds an Observatory website that offers interactive analytical tools and actionable indicators based on a tested data standard and open data principles.