DPP Head Martin Kahanec Speaks at the CASE 30th Anniversary Conference in Warsaw

October 4, 2021
DPP Head professor Martin Kahanec spoke at the 30th anniversary conference of the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) "Looking Back to Look Forward: The Future of the EU Economy" in Warsaw on September 23-24, 2021. 
In his contribution in the panel on "Bracing for Impact – Labor Markets in Central and Eastern Europe", Kahanec highlighted how labor market disruptions due to globalization and technological progress as well as the crisis-driven spikes in unemployment have played a major role in the rise of populism.

"Whereas labor markets in CEE have shifted from high unemployment to the situation characterized by growing shortages of qualified workers, I expect that the Covid-19 pandemic will inflict asymmetric shocks across sectors and regions, which are likely to increase populist appeal not only among those who have lost jobs but also among those who see diminished future opportunities," he added.

"What an inspiring story of commitment to evidence-informed policymaking, perseverance, and enthusiasm for the intellectual inquiry! Congratulations and wishing CASE many more successful years to come!", congratulated Kahanec.
Panel program:
"Bracing for Impact – Labor Markets in Central and Eastern Europe"
SPEAKERS: Wendy Carlin (University College London and Centre for Economic Policy Research), Martin Kahanec (Central European University and CELSI), Iga Magda (Institute for Structural Research, Warsaw School of Economics), Jan Svejnar (Columbia University, Member of the CASE Advisory Council)
MODERATOR: Joanna Tyrowicz, University of Warsaw, FAME|GRAPE and IZA