Professor Andrea Krizsan publishes a book on the politics of the Istanbul Convention

September 17, 2021

DPP Professor Andra Krizsan has co-authored a book on the politics of the Istanbul convention with Conny Roggeband from the University of Amsterdam. The book can be downloaded for free. The book examines opposition to the Council of Europe Convention of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention) and its consequences for the politics of violence against women in four countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Krizsán and Roggeband offer a detailed analysis of why and how opposition to the Istanbul Convention erupted in these countries of the region (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Poland) and how this has affected the wider violence against women policy field. Their analysis shows how successful anti-gender mobilizations managed to obstruct or block ratification of the Convention or push for withdrawal from it. The book also examines the impact of these controversies on women’s rights advocacy targeting violence against women and how policy outcomes changed in the context of debates contesting the Convention. Krizsán and Roggeband show how resistance to the Convention significantly redraws political debates on violence against women and has consequences for policies targeting violence against women as well as gender-equal democracy more generally.