Prestigious Excellence Awards to SPP Professors and PhD Candidates

June 21, 2021

Each academic year, CEU faculty, staff, and students are recognized for their outstanding achievements, longstanding commitment to the highest academic standards, and significant contribution to the CEU community. During the university's 2021 graduation ceremony this year, two SPP faculty members have been selected among the seven faculty and staff members awarded CEU's 2021 Excellence Awards for outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service, demonstrating CEU's values of excellence across the whole community. In addition, two PhD candidates in the public policy track of the political science PhD program at the CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations (DSPS) have also received prestigious awards.

SPP Award Winners 2021

CEU’s 2021 Excellence Awards

We are delighted to announce that SPP's Associate Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer has been awarded the CEU Community Excellence Award and SPP's Assistant Professor Mihály Fazekas has been awarded the CEU Research Excellence Award in the Academic Year 2020-21!

"I am very proud that two SPP professors have been awarded CEU's prestigious awards this academic year. I am thrilled but not surprised: Kirsten's exemplary service to the community and Mihály's remarkably impactful research are the finest manifestations of commitment to the academic community and the values it represents," commented SPP Dean Martin Kahanec. “Congratulations to Kirsten and Mihály!”

 Associate Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer is the winner of the Community Service Excellence Award 2021 for "outstanding community service above and beyond the level that can be expected in their role, in keeping with the values of CEU."

“As chairperson of the disciplinary committee, Kirsten has had responsibility for some of the most difficult issues on campus, relating to harassment, unprofessional conduct and intimidation. The role demands a lot in terms of time, but it also requires discretion, respect for confidentiality and sound moral judgment. I think this exemplary service to the community deserves special recognition.” [Award announcement; Rector Michael Ignatieff]

Recognized for his excellence in research, Assistant Professor Mihaly Fazekas, among one of two winners of the CEU Award for Outstanding Research 2021, is awarded for his cutting-edge work in helping us understand the link between the politicization of governmental agencies and political favoritism in procurement, as well as his policy-relevant research on identifying corruption risks and winning the IMF anti-corruption challenge.

SPP Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance 

The SPP Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance is meant to recognize those SPP PhD students who have made extraordinary contributions to the delivery of a core course and have demonstrated commitment to high-quality teaching at SPP. Kirill Shamiev, PhD student in the public policy track of the political science PhD program, is the winner of the 2021 Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance.

DSPS Outstanding Dissertation Award

The Doctoral School recognizes outstanding dissertations defended each academic year. This academic year, one of the two recipients of the DSPS Outstanding Dissertation Award is a public policy track PhD candidate of the PhD program in Political Science Jakov Bojovic. The award is a recognition to dissertations that stand out because of their originality and academic rigor. The title of Jakov's dissertation is: "Beyond 'Ever Closer Union': The Juncker Commission’s Ambition in Migration and Economic Policy". Read more here.


Congratulations to Kirsten, Mihaly, Kirill, and Jakov!