Guest lecture in the CEU School of Public Policy's course: Law and Public Policy

April 1, 2021

On the invitation of the course instructor, Professor Marie-Pierre Granger, Tamas Barabas, Senior Legal Officer at the Public Interest Law Network (PILnet), and Atanas Politov, Europe Director for positive impact at Dentons law firm, delivered a joint online guest lecture in the Law and Public Policy course, on 24 March 2021. The guest lecturers started by asking students to reflect on what is public interest, and who defines it, and then presented different ways to promote Public Interest Law, such as changing legal culture and mindsets and engaging young legal minds through legal clinics, promoting legal aid, or supporting NGOs, including by providing direct assistance, or by harnessing the resources and expertise of law firms in support on public interest goals through pro bono schemes. Professor Marie-Pierre Granger underscored the enhanced learning experience and commented that the lecture raised a lot of interest and generated a good discussion between the class participants and the guests.