SPP's Professor Kahanec appointed to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis Council of Slovakia

May 20, 2020

SPP Professor Martin Kahanec has been appointed to the Economic Crisis Council (ECC) of Slovakia, a temporary advisory and coordinating body at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic during the COVID-19 crisis. Its members meet in a narrower circle with the Prime Minister and representatives of employees and employers.

The ECC's purpose is to analyse risks to the development of the Slovak economy, evaluate crisis management procedures, and engage in expert discussion on possible measures and assessment of their effects. Furthermore, the ECG elaborates on specific proposals in response to the economic crisis caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and consolidates and evaluates data from Slovakia along with other countries.

The ECC is chaired by the Minister of Finance Eduard Heger, and besides professor Kahanec includes the chair of the parliamentary committee on finance and budget Marián Viskupič, vice-governor of the Slovak National Bank ľudovít Ódor, chair of the Council for Budget Responsibility Ivan Šramko, director-general of the Institute for Social Policy Lucia Fašungová, director of the Value for Money Unit Štefan Kišš, and 10 other leading economists.