SPP professor Kahanec advises the upcoming German EU Council presidency on EU mobility

May 18, 2020

SPP professor and former dean Martin Kahanec has been invited to join a panel of experts to advise the upcoming German EU Council presidency on the questions of EU mobility. The first expert workshop on "Labour Migration in the EU: Consequences for the European Economies and Convergence of Labour Markets and Social Cohesion" organized by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs took place on May 15, 2020.

"Today I have been very pleased for several reasons, taking part in the expert workshop: the discussion itself was most inspiring, open, and constructive; consulting experts prior to setting agendas and priorities of the German presidency is evidence-based policymaking at its best; of the 11 invited experts, as many as four of us represented Central and Eastern Europe; and of the four experts from CEE two were women," commented Kahanec. 

More expert workshops on EU mobility with the panel of experts are planned before and during the German presidency.