Bengali Youth Platform, Founded by Nuruddin Ahmed (MPA ’16), Shortlisted for the Social Media for Empowerment Award

October 17, 2014

Founded by Nuruddin Ahmed (MPA ’16), youth platform is a finalist for the Social Media for Empowerment Award 2014 in the Community, Advocacy, and Development Activism category. “I’m very excited to be in the running with great organizations across South Asia,” Ahmed commented. is a social blog that brings together 250 young writers from Bangladesh and the diaspora who have the goal of mobilizing youth for a variety of social causes. From assisting people with disabilities to teaching writers how to reach a wider audience, connects people to ideas online, and in person through interactive workshops. “It’s my passion,” enthused Ahmed. “I spent many sleepless nights working on this project, but it’s all been worth it.”

“Our main mission,” explained Ahmed, “is to promote the ideas of pluralism and positivism.” He believes there is a lack of diversity in the voices being heard in Bangladesh. Spreading many different positive ideas is a way for Ahmed to help build an active and engaged youth community.

Since its launch in July 2011, has grown increasingly popular through its use of new technology. currently publishes e-books for web and Android platforms as well as viral infographics on a wide range of issues including media pluralism and the abuse of minority populations in Bangladesh.

“Our blog is one of a kind in Bangladesh,” Ahmed noted. “There’s no other blog here that mobilizes youth like this.” He hopes to extend his online network to neighboring countries in South Asia to continue promoting positive ideas among youth communities.