New Book on SA Foreign Policy on the Way

November 5, 2013

SPP Assistant Professor Daniel Large took part in a policy research seminar on 'Post-Apartheid South Africa's Foreign Policy After Two Decades' in Cape Town during the summer which will soon lead to the publication of a new book on the subject. The event was organized by the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR) and convened by its executive director, Dr. Adekeye Adebajo.

The two and a half day event brought together more than 40 mostly African scholars, policymakers, and civil society actors to examine and find ways of enhancing South Africa's potential role in promoting peace and security, regional integration and development in Africa.

The event explored key themes in South Africa's foreign policy since the end of apartheid, including bilateral relations in southern, west, central and east Africa; multilateral relations with the African Union and other regional bodies; and bilateral relations beyond Africa, including China, the US, France and Japan.

Large presented a paper about South Africa's relations with Great Britain, countries that share a close, long and distinctive history. Relations became a headline subject in April 2013, after the British Secretary for International Development announced that UK aid to South Africa would come to an end in 2015. Because this had not been fully coordinated with the South African government, this announcement triggered tension between both governments. Such efforts to reframe development relations reflects London's efforts to reposition itself towards South Africa in terms of its development assistance. It also partly reflects progress in the South Africa government's efforts to establish its own South African Development Partnership Agency.

South Africa's foreign policy is one of the subjects about which Dr. Large will be teaching at the School of Public Policy as part of courses on the South in World Politics, and on South-South development relations.

Once the papers from this event are published in an edited book by the Centre for Conflict Resolution, SPP students will be able to benefit from an authoritative, up to date guide to South Africa's changing foreign relations.

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