Applied Policy Project: Information for Students

Applied Policy Project. Photo: SPP/Daniel Vegel

The Applied Policy Project (APP) offers students the opportunity to work on a real-world professional task in a safe, supportive setting. APPs challenge students to deal with unpredictable contingencies that are a feature of professional life. Students learn how to interact with clients; collaborate with colleagues; manage criticism and disagreement in a constructive way; and explore and expand their professional capacities. APPs are a chance to use academic and practical skills to effect real change in the public policy world. For many students, the APP is the highlight of their time at CEU.

Students prepare for the APP by taking Project Management class a required course offered in the Fall term of the second year. In this course students go through the steps of Project Management and Research Design in paralell with developing the basic project structure of their APP. The course teaches understanding and interacting with clients; work planning and budgeting; teamwork basics; giving and receiving feedback; and research, analysis, and policy development skills.

Students do an APP in their second year, working in teams and with a Faculty Advisor and an external client to address challenges, explore opportunities, and conduct research related to a pressing social question. Clients include non-profit organizations, governments, international organizations, and other policy-related institutions.

Download the APP syllabus here.