Applied Policy Project

The Applied Policy Project (APP) is a core component of the MPA degree, and is required for graduation. In their APP, students work in small, two to four person teams with a faculty adviser on a year-long consultancy project done for an external client. Students are responsible for all aspects of their projects, from defining the problem and choosing a method to presenting their results and evaluating their work. The APP is a bridge between academic and experiential learning, and between department and the professional world.

The APP is a chance for our students to collaborate with public policy actors and contribute to resolving some of today's most pressing issues. Our clients are public, private, and international sector organizations active in public policy. They receive a valuable service, contribute to the training of new public policy leaders, and can build lasting ties to the broader CEU community. Our students get the chance to apply and refine their knowledge and skills to a project that makes a real difference for the public good.

MPA Timeline including mandatory APP and SFI timeframes, Optional thesis

Download a brochure about the Applied Policy Project.