Appealing a Grade

In exceptional circumstances students may appeal the grades they received for course work or exams. Appeals must be submitted to the appropriate Program Director and the Student Affairs Coordinator via email within seven days of receiving grades and instructors’ feedback. If feedback has not been received, the student should notify the Student Affairs Coordinator.

The written statement must in full set out the reasons for appealing the grade. The Program Director will assess the student’s request for review of the grade, and if a review is merited, convene the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC). As with cases of misconduct, AIC members will be recused if this relates to a grade dispute on one of their courses. The AIC will determine the final grade. In the event that the Program Director is responsible for the disputed grade they are recused from the AIC.

The Academic Integrity Committee will only accept cases for review in which the final grade is based on a judgment error by the grading lecturer. If the Academic Integrity Committee accepts the appeal it will ask the grading professor to revise the grade. If the grading professor leaves the initial grade unchanged, the Academic Integrity Committee will ask a member of the faculty for a new review. The grade after this review will be final. Please note that the final grade may be worse than the initial grade. 

This procedure does not affect the student’s right to appeal to the Academic Pro-Rector, as set out in CEU’s Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations