Academic Calendar

DPP academic calendar 2022/2023 

August 1 Academic Year starts  
September 3-4 First-year students arrive 
September 5-9 Orientation, Pre-session
September 10-11 Continuing students arrive
September 12 Departmental Orientation
Registration for Fall Term begins (closes on October 2)  
September 12-16 Zero week  
September 19 CEU Opening Ceremony 
September 19 Fall Term begins (ends on December 9) 
September 19 Student Union elections at the department start (end on September 27)  
October Registration for Fall Term ends
October 26 Public Holiday in Austria, CEU is officially closed  
November 1  All Saints’ Day, CEU is officially closed  
Thesis title and supervisor form submission for MAIPA 
December 8  Immaculate Conception Day, CEU is officially closed  
December 9 Fall term ends  
December 12-16 Exam week  
December 12 Registration for Winter Term starts (ends on January 17) 
December 24-26 Christmas, CEU is officially closed 
Dec 27-Jan 31 Offices run with skeleton teams  
December 31 New Year’s Eve, CEU is officially closed  
January 1 New Year’s Day, CEU is officially closed  
January 5 Research and Travel Grants application for students 
January 6 Epiphany Day, CEU is officially closed 
January 9 Winter Term begins (ends on March 31 )   
January 16  Registration for Winter Term ends  
Deadline for submission of Fall Term grades 
March 2 Research and Travel Grants application deadline for students  
March 20 Registration for Spring Term starts (ends on April 11)  
March 31 Winter Term ends  
April 3  Spring Term begins (ends on June 16)  
April 3-7 Exam week  
April 9-10 Easter, Public Holiday, CEU is officially closed 
April 11  Registration for Spring Term ends  
Spring Term starts for DPP students  
May 1  Labor Day, CEU is officially closed  
May 8  Deadline for submission of Winter Term grades  
May 18 Ascension Day, Vienna Campus is officially closed  
May 28-29 Pentecost, CEU is officially closed 
June 1 Research and Travel Grants application deadline for students 
June 2  Thesis submission deadline 
June 8  Corpus Christi Day, CEU is officially closed  
June 9 Deadline for submission of Spring Term grades 
June 16 Spring Term ends  
June 23 Commencement Ceremony 
July 31

Academic Year ends

Please also find the CEU academic calendar here.

MPA Timeline including mandatory APP and SFI timeframes, Optional thesis