June 15, 2020

SPP Professor Cameran Ashraf's article in Journal of Cyber Policy "Artificial Intelligence and the Rights to Assembly and Association" argues that AI will not only impact the rights to privacy and freedom of expression, but AI will also impact our rights to assembly and association online.  After all, The internet is no longer simply a space to receive and impart information, but a place where many find the solace in coming together with our fellow humans.

September 12, 2017

Evidence-free policy making is on the move. This is a particular challenge for the relationship between scientists and policymakers. A workshop with a high-ranked panel of scientists in Budapest engaged in policy advice and policy-making was debating this in the face of the ongoing discussion about the future of the Central European University (CEU).

March 10, 2014

Buddhist groups have been waging campaigns of hate speech and violence in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. What is causing this upsurge in anti-Muslim violence in these countries?

January 31, 2014

A successful peace process in Colombia could lead the way to new approaches to peace processes in Central and South America.


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